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Our Approach

The Foundation Investment Group utilizes a broader base of asset classes in order to achieve clients goals and objectives. For many of our clients, we broadly divide the investment world into three asset categories: 

Portfolio Benefits

Portfolio Benefits

Combining investments from each asset category creates the potential to reduce portfolio volatility, increase current income, and provide the potential for positive investment results in various market environments. Alternative investment vehicles often have a history of non-correlated volatility and investment returns compared to traditional stock and bond investments. Low correlation has the potential to moderate the effect on the portfolio from shocks that may hit certain markets, asset classes, or investments. Additionally, many alternative investments that we utilize generate significant income relative to traditional investments.

If an investor's goal is to secure higher risk-adjusted rates of return, then adding alternative investments to the traditional portfolio may be an attractive option. Alternative investments carry risks that are outlined in the product prospectus and are not suitable for all investors. Investors may incur a profit or loss and there are no guarantees regarding performance. 

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